Double Standards

I recently ran across an article that quoted a non United States citizen who said, “I really wish we could vote in your election — after all, it affects all of us, you know.”

At first glance this annoys me. The people saying these things are the same people who condemn the United States on a myriad of issues. These are the people who claim to be for state sovereignty but openly state that they wish they could tread on ours.

But after I think about it I more, I take no offense. It is actually a complement.

Over the past decades there has been more an more of an erosion of the United States’ political and economic power on the world stage. While the United States is still strong, we are finding that China, India, the EU, and more are challenging the way we have operated in the past and forcing us to improve just to maintain state. This erosion doesn’t mean that the United States is not formidable by any means – just that we are not as formidable as we once were (at least so the perception lies). The fact that our election is taking center stage in the world arena is a testament to the lingering power of our nation and our innate ability to hold sway over global politics.

This election is just another checkpoint. If we choose correctly we can continue to maintain our strength and potentially build back some of the erosions that the world has won. If we choose poorly we will continue to watch our political and economic power fade.

The world is watching. Go vote.

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  • Very nice response, from my [weak English] I can see your point a bit clearer now.
    On the other hand, I’m far away from having an intellectual preparation in politics/economics so that makes me unsuitable for posting here, that’s why I’m not going to add/post more on your site. For the same reason I have no idea what the real problem is, but I do know what things are not solutions but just mere excuses, and of course I’m pissed off like most of us who don’t understand what the real problem is.

  • Did you guys even read the whole post or did you take offense after the first few sentences and blast out a response? If you had you’d notice that the overtone of the post was that the decisions the United States make now make a huge difference in the world and it is humbling and honoring to have the entire world so interested in our choice.

    I have been to other countries. I have had many friends from other countries. I am by no means ignorant of the world perception of the United States, despite the fact that our media tends to overlook it.

    “Build back our erosions” and “maintain our strength” isn’t as simple as you make it seem. If you would look at the global economy the United States is a huge player. Thus, the economic situation of our country has a direct and immediate influence on the rest of the world. The ongoing mortgage crisis is case and point. The policies and administrations of the last eight years is not 100% at fault for where we are but they are a huge reason. The main culprit in the current financial crisis stems from the deregulation of banks. While banks deserve the ability to operate with some autonomy they have been given too much, which results in a trickle down effect that eventually burdens the entire world.

    So in response to “We’re on the verge of self destruction and you keep worrying about power balances?”:

    Yes. The United States is one of the main reasons why this “self destruction” is here. The failed financial policies, the housing bubble, and more have led us to a precipice. The balance of power, specifically the purchasing and selling powers of the United States, will make a huge difference in how quickly we can back away from this impending destruction. While the United States is by no means the sole player, they are definitely one of the big ones.

    The citizens of the United States have made a decisive decision. They have chosen to do a total 180 and move in the opposite direction from what we have been doing in the last 8 years. Instead of immediately discounting the the new administration perhaps we can view this with a little less pretension and wait to see what direction the United States chooses to move.

    I think that the United States people care a great deal more about what is happening in the world than much of the world gives us credit for. I enjoy reading different viewpoints but the whole point of this blog isn’t for people (including myself) to rant and rave but to a place to house intellectual commentary and/or debate. For example, I am very curious to hear more about statements like “com[ing] over [to] any country and steal[ing] what you need to keep up with your stupid way of life in the USA.” Is this in reference to Iraq? Montetary policy? Capitalism in general? Just calling it stupid and saying that you don’t agree with it doesn’t shed any light on what you actually think the problem is. It just shows you are pissed off.

  • I think that you definitely didn’t understand what that guy meant buy “I really wish we could vote in your election — after all, it affects all of us, you know.”
    I can tell you what I think from down here in my country, and it is more related to the use of power (money) to come over any country and steal what you need to keep with your stupid way of life in USA. Please consider Adrian’s advice and just take a flight to anywhere else in this world to realise what the reality is outside that stupid USA cloud you are submerged in.

    Cheers body! I hope you enjoy your silly cloud.

  • So this is all that it’s at stake in this election? “Maintain our strength”?? “Build back some of the erosions”??? You must be kidding right? That, or you have never left your beloved country (I mean, at least crossing one or two oceans and see what’s out there, not going to another state, OK?)

    What are you afraid of? What’s wrong with you?

    Your shitty empire is as bad as China’s, the EU’s or any other. The same fallacy that make people think that being able to vote means really taking a decision makes them say stupid things like the one you mention at the beginning of your post. This election will not change anything. Choosing a less bad solution doesn’t make our planet smell any better. We’re on the verge of self destruction and you keep worrying about power balances? Geez.

    I had subscribed to your RSS feed but then read this article and unsubscribed right away.

    Wake up, for mankind sake.

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