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So my work provides us with bicycles, treadmills, and other things so that we can keep healthy. Promoting the health of its employees is one of the core values of our company. After my recent graduation I decided to start using my lunch breaks to get in shape. I’ve been biking, running, and doing gravity resistance things (pull-ups, push-ups, etc) with a friend/colleague of mine, Paul. That’s gonna have to go on hold.

Friday, we were out riding and the front wheel of my bike caught on the curb as I was going up. For some reason, instead of spinning over like it normally would, it stuck. While the front wheel stopped completely, the bike and myself did not. I flew over the handle bars and landed square on my shoulder. A lady in a car saw what happened and let Paul use her phone to call for help. The fire department arrived and took me and my bike back to work – I wasn’t bad off enough that I wanted an ambulance. I grabbed my stuff and drove to the hospital.

My MS Paint rendition of the event

Turns out that dropping ~240 pounds directly on a shoulder doesn’t fare well for the structural integrity of one’s body. I ended up with a separation of the AC joint, which is basically the ligaments that hold your collar bone to your shoulder. It’s not really too serious (at least so they tell me) and it should heal completely within 6 weeks and I’ll have full mobility return. I also ended up with either bruised ribs or a hairline fracture of the ribs – they couldn’t tell which but they are treated the same so it didn’t really matter. Fun day.

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  • Yeah – actually can use my arm as long as I don’t raise it past mid-chest. Doc said it will heal well enough to return to semi-normal use in 2 weeks and that in 6 weeks or so I should be able to put weight on it again…


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