The Taste of M&M's

I’m eating some peanut M&M’s right now instead of working out because of my injury. When I poured them out they just happened to all segregate by color, which reminded me of a little experiment we did a while back.

A guy I work with stated one day that he didn’t like a certain color M&M (I don’t remember which), which prompted the debate over whether they really tasted different or not. His repeated assertions that they did prompted us to set up a blind taste test. We purchased a single bag of peanut M&M’s and got him a glass of water to rinse his palette between each tasting. He then ate them one by one and told us what he thought the color was.

I was amazed at the results. While he wasn’t perfect, he got around 80% (I don’t remember the exact number) of them right. If you consider that a bag of M&M’s has roughly 20 candies in it and 5-6 different colors, this is a pretty impressive feat.

So can you taste the difference between M&M colors?

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