After reading one of Mark Turansky’s latest posts I remembered an application I wrote a while back that fit into the same image category. His post describes a script he wrote that will download pictures from a camera and sort them. Unfortunately I didn’t have this script (until now) and through multiple transfers of the image library from one computer to another I found myself with many duplicate images.

So some time last year I threw together a simple C# application (sorry non-MS users) that will give you a list of all the duplicate images on your system as well as a quick way to view them to verify they are the same and a way to delete them. The application uses the time stamp that the image was taken to determine likeness. If you have your camera take burst pictures then you will likely see a lot and this is probably not the application for you. However, if you take normal pictures then this can help ensure that you don’t have a bunch of duplicates floating around.

Image Organizer

This code/application is free to use and distribute with two conditions:

1. If it is going to be used in any way to make money you must get my prior written consent

2. Leave the copyright and distribution rule info in place in all places it is found.

Download source: Image Organizer – C# Source

Download Windows installation files: Image Organizer – Windows installation files


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