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I realized a while back that I have grown tired of writing code. I still enjoy the design aspects of software and enjoy being involved in the software creation process. I just no longer care for the implementation aspect of the business. I haven’t written a line of code in probably three months. I haven’t written a significant portion of code in at least six months. And I’m happy.

My parents were both programmers so I got a very early introduction to software. I began by writing little programs, address books and the like, throughout childhood and high school. I then jumped into a data entry job, which I quickly figured out how to write a script to help automate. From there I never had a job where I didn’t write code. Until now.

My parents both ended up in management – my Dad has relatively recently returned to writing code. They both told me the same thing at one point or another: they just got tired of writing code and wanted something new. I believed them and figured that I would follow suit sooner or later.

About five years ago I was still pretty into writing code still but looking to the future I saw myself growing wary in the next five to seven years. My timing ended up being just right. About five years ago I started getting into more leadership roles – leading software teams while still having my hands in the code. Over that span I have slowly become more and more removed from the code until just a few months ago when I decided I was completely done with it. I am now in a role where I don’t write any code but still have a high level of involvement in the design and development processes.

I may still write about code and software practices here and there however, as is obvious by my post trends, they will become less frequent. I imagine that the main focus of my writings will continue to be business of software and economics, with a little bit of software sprinkled in here and there.

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