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I finally got sick of it. Microsoft does some things well but is increasingly finding that the substitutes do it way better. If I wasn’t tied to MS project for my job I’d be on a Mac right now (I may still but need to evaluate some cross over products).

Case in point: Hotmail.

I quit using hotmail about a year ago now, mainly because I got sick of constantly weeding through spam. I still use MSN messenger to keep in touch with certain people so I am able to easily keep tabs on the growing size of my inbox. I am proud to announce that it topped 1,000 emails yesterday, 95% of which are sure to be spam.


On the flip side, I have been using Gmail for the past year or so and can remember only having to report 3-4 items as spam.


As you can see, Gmail still gets a lot of spam – the difference is that it goes to my spam folder, not my inbox. Once again Microsoft has missed the boat.

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  • Let’s not forget that Microsoft also sends you SPAM that is from hotmail and any filters you create to block it are ignored. One of the reasons I stopped using it. At least they did last time I used hotmail (in the late 90s).

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