The Sound of Brilliance

There are countless descriptions out there about what it means to be a software engineer. These cover the expectations of the job, the general atmosphere, and often give enough information to help fledgling software engineers decide whether this is the career for them or not. Yet they are all missing one very, very important detail:

What does being a software engineer sound like?

Yesterday, through a mishap of GTalk, we were lucky enough to trap the sounds of a software engineer in his native environment. This elusive creature has, to date, never been recorded (by me).

A deep dive into the actual focus of the recorded work shows that this particular sound byte is of the debugging nature, a virtual mating call in the software world. The recorded engineer describes the situation as, “I think I was wondering wtf was going on with my gmail window and then [working towards] making it stop doing it.” Stunning.

Check out what some established software engineers and software managers are saying about it:

Trampas Kirk calls it “Riveting!”

Paul Weil describes the recording as “[It] just sounds like scratching to me.”

Jason McDonald calls the performance “entirely realistic and plausible.”

Mark Turansky says, “Huh?”

Without further ado, I present to you, “The Sound of Brilliance” :

You may need to turn the volume up a bit…

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