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How many times have you seen this in your inbox?

It need not be so cryptic. Most of the time when you see this it is simply because the practitioners of site email simply do not know how to make their generic email address show up any other way. By default, most modern mail clients will simply show the first part of the email address if only an address is given in the from attribute on the email.

So this will show up just as you see in the image above:


However, by formatting the from address in an email friendly way:

FROM: McDonaldLand support <>

We will now see this:


This will work for any field that takes an email address – from, to, cc, etc. – however not all mail clients pay attention to it for anything but the from attribute. If you supply it and an email client doesn’t support this format for a particular field, you will typically just see the email address, which allows everything to still work correctly. Because of this it is generally a good idea to always supply addresses in this format when you can.

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