Design Patterns Refcard Released Today

You can now get a professional version of my design patterns quick reference from DZone. This newly published version has the same diagrams as my version but it is a bit more robust in that it offers a description, a “use when” section, and an implementation example for each pattern. I tried to take all the examples from real world scenarios and applications so that they would be as easy to relate to as possible.

This new version is a 7 page spread as opposed to my slimmed down 2 page version. Both are still available and, in my opinion, very useful.

There is no feasible way to incorporate code samples into anything and still consider it a “quick reference”, so you’ll need to understand at least a little bit of UML for this to be worthwhile. You can check out a quick reference for UML here and here.

This is a free download – you just have to have a DZone account.

You can also get design patterns gear (shirts, posters, etc.) here.

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  • The reason to keep both is that the quick reference is just that – it simply gives the pattern diagram, name, and a one-liner of what it does. It is meant to be just a memory aid – you’d have to understand the patterns fairly well for it to be of much use. The RefCard has a lot more information, most importantly, a usage sample that I tried to take from a real world implementation. While this is still partially meant to be a memory jogger it also has enough information in it that people could theoretically learn new patterns from it too.

  • And there is a reason to keep both, as their names say:

    Design Patterns Quick Reference
    Design Patterns Refcard – (more detailed with examples)

    Anyway great job!

  • Congratulations, Jason! You have outdone yourself (literally) and I bet this will be one of the most popular DZone Refcardz ever. Thanks for your hard work. A lot of people will learn from it.


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