2nd Charleston SC JUG is History

This is a re-post from the Charleston SC JUG site

We had our second users group meeting last night and had a small but great event. We had Chuck Peterson and Mark dos Santos from BEA join us and talk about virtualization, how it affects java applications, and some of their solutions for improving it. While it was a sales presentation, it was a highly technical one, chock full of interesting information about how virtualization works, how it interacts with the JVM, common problems with it, and ways of eeking quite a bit more performance out of it.

I blame myself for the small turnout. There was an event at my work that conflicted that I was unaware of and I didn’t do a great job of championing this meetings due to my new baby and my recent injury. I plan on doing a better job next time.

So along these lines, here’s what I am looking for in the community:

1. Someone to help champion the group and get the word out

2. Someone to help find corporate sponsors to fund meetings.

This can be two different people or the same person and you can devote as much or as little time as you want. If you are interested, contact me.

P.S. Thanks again for coming to speak with us, Chuck and Mark.

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