Design Patterns Quick Reference II – The Poster Chronicles

So it took a bit of time but I have the poster version available for the design pattern reference. The only one right now is a large poster, however there will be various sizes as well as all kinds of other merchandise to come.

Get yours today at:

Get yours early – if we find an error tomorrow the current version becomes a collector item! 😉

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  • I just went through all the patterns again to check for accuracy and it seems that they are all pretty much dead on. There were a couple that I missed the multiplicities on but I don’t remember which ones I did this purposely on (because it made sense without them).

    My book and original notes are not with me. I will grab these tomorrow and go over one more time. If I have any changes I will upload.

    Thanks again for your interest and suggestions.

  • Thanks for the offer – I actually have another guy helping me out but he has been swamped and I have been out of town on business.

    I plan on trying to get them touched up this weekend in order to get the multiplicities added back in. Visio can be such a pain…

    As far as OMT versus UML these appear to be far more like UML than OMT to me. The difference is subtle though…

  • 🙂 Another point.. you painted all the diagramms in OMT-format, as it is also used in the Gof-book. Oftentimes, UML-syntax is used in software-products. Do you think, it is possible to draw a UML-DesignPatterns-Reference? Should/Could we help you?

  • Yes, there are multiplicities on some of them – it appears that they have been dropped off. Visio has a nasty habit of dropping cardinalities, directions, and labels when you copy and paste links.

    I won’t have a chance to look at this until early next week but will do so then and upload any corrections. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • thanks, that’s very useful.

    Just a question. Aren’t there any multiplicities in the pattern?
    For example in the observer-pattern?: In the original pattern, there is “1” on Concrete Subject, and “*” on Observer.

    good work 🙂

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